Kentucky Vacation 2011 cont.

So after we left the Fort we were very hungry. We made our way to Eddy Montgomery's restaurant. This place was absolutely in the middle of nowhere. It was good food but it was a bit pricey. It was probly more happening after 11pm,(there were signs posted that no one under 18-I think, was allowed in the back after 11. We left there and went to see the Perryville Battlefield. I love History, these are the greatest trips, when we can learn very interesting stuff about our state.

Looks like they have alot going on here...

out in the middle of a field

yes I took pictures in the bathroom, it was so pretty..lol.

Two peas in a pod...

So heartbreaking to think of all the lives that were lost here...


Kentucky Vacation 2011

Human Hair Wreaths

Welcome to Fort Harrod in Harrodsburg Ky. After leaving Danville, Ky, we traveled over to Harrodsburg. This fort is truely an experience that I loved. They were very interactive with us, and gave alot of insight into how it was back in the old days. They even let Clay help make a hook at the Blacksmiths. The museum was also very exciting. They said no pictures, but I have to admit I cheated an took a few-with no flash of course. They had a wreath made of human hair in there, yes that is what I said, human hair, when a person died they took some of the hair and made a momento of that person. This is the picture above, it is beautiful, I could help but take a picture of it. Even though Clay kept saying that he was gonna turn me in for breaking the rules. I threatened to just leave him there if he didn't hush about it. Haha, I will remember that the next time he breaks the rules.

Inside the fort

Learning how to be a BlackSmith

Clay in School


Kentucky Vacation 2011

This years vacation had us traveling to thru the beautiful state of Kentucky. We wanted to see what all we could do within a days drive of home. This also meant we could sleep in our own bed every single night. This post will be broken up into many different post because I want to remember all the fun and exciting things that we got to experience. Let me tell you some of it was a REAL experience.

First stop on day one was Danville, Ky. Its about 120 miles, give or take a few, We went by Constitution Square. If you love history, this was a great place. Did you know anything about our first Governer? Isacc Shelby, he was actually our first and fifth governer. We loved reading all about him. There is also a little history about the post office, the jail, courthouse, and meeting house, or what we would call Church. This was a great trip that we enjoyed.


Happy Anniversary

A wonderful dinner!!!

On Tuesday we celebrated 8 years. I really have to note that about the middle of April neither of us remembered that it was coming up until my sister in law informed us. Well to make that worse I forgot on the day. Mark actually remembered that morning, but then forgot when he called to wake me up. About 9 in the morning he called me while I was at work and said "What were you doing 8 years ago today?" well I immediately looked down at my watch to see the date and said "oh crap, I forgot". I guess he now has something to hold over my head. HaHa! We had a date night on Friday, We had dinner at Outback then went for a little shopping. I am so thankful for the life that the Lord has given to me. I love my husband and am so thankful for what he means to me.


Love and Romance

On Monday Clay and I were on the way home from TKD practice and he tells me
Clay: Mom, at the beginning of school we did this thing that tells you about yourself
Me: oh and what did it tell you?
Clay: Well I landed on a 9 and that says I fall in and out of love really easy, and you know thats really true about me, It also said I was Romantic too.
Me: Uhhh
Clay: Its really true.
Me: What else did it say?
Clay: I can't remember about all that other stuff.

After I picked my mouth up out of my lap he started talking about music and he was done with his deep thoughts for now... hahaha

Oh boy I cannot imagine what we are in store for. But it was the sweetest and funniest thing, it reminded me how I thought when I was 10. I loved, I couldn't ever imagine telling my parents about it though. I really hope he continues to feel that he can tell us anything.


Thankful Tuesday



Blue Belt

Words cannot ever tell just how much I love him. Will he ever know just how much I absolutely and unconditionally love him. Look at that grin, its just priceless, he is so proud of himself-and we are too. This picture was taken a couple weeks ago at his award ceremony where he got his new BLUE Belt. Half way to BLACK!


Did you know...

1. I love to take pictures.

2. When I was kid, I never ever wanted to call and order a pizza over the phone. I would just about freak out everytime, I would almost start to cry and beg my mom to do it. Come to think about it, I never wanted to call anyone at all-except for Kim(my BFF from 1st grade)I would even beg her to call my other friends. Hahaha.
3. I am very backward, takes me a very long time to warm up to people so I can feel comfortable talking to them. Seriously it took me almost a year to talk to anyone at Church. Some people still make me a tad nervous. Thats really funny considering my job.
4. I LOVED New Kids on the Block, Dirty Dancing and Pretty Woman. I could tell you every word from both movies-from beginning to end.


As a 1930s wife, I am

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Clays 8th Birthday